The Garden of Tom Stuart Smith

Leading garden designer Tom Stuart-Smith gave the public a rare opportunity to view his own garden by opening it as part of the National Gardens Scheme.

Courtyard Barn Garden

The courtyard garden at the barn was redeveloped in 2007. It uses materials left over from the 2005 Daily Telegraph Chelsea show garden.

The planting consists of grasses and perennials that divide the areas of hard landscaping.

The tanks and wall of corten steel are reminiscent of the old corrugated buildings that once filled this former farmyard.

West Garden

The garden to the west of the barn was once a wheatfield. Since then a framework of hedges has grown to create a series of interlocking spaces.

The spaces are densely planted and the plants are allowed to seed themselves through the garden.

The planting consists of herbaceous perennials and grasses with a colour palette of purples, pinks, blues and whites.

To see more of the work of Tom Stuart Smith visit

An exhibition showcasing the work of Tom Stuart Smith is also being held at the Garden Museum and runs until 29 August 2011. Visit for more details.

Photography: copyright Garden Design Eye


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