Garden Visit : Myddelton House

This spring marked the launch of the newly restored Myddelton House Gardens that followed a two year Heritage Lottery funded project to restore several areas of the gardens.

The origins of the six acre gardens in Enfield lie with Edward Augustus Bowles, a noted self taught plantsman and botanist.

EA Bowles resided in Myddelton House from 1865 to 1954 and spent much of his life dedicated to transforming the gardens and indulging his love of unusual and exotic plants.

The gardens include a carp lake, an alpine meadow, working kitchen garden and a woodland walk. The gardens are also home to historical artefacts collected by Mr Bowles including pieces from the original St Paul’s Cathedral and the Enfield Market Cross.

Shortly upon entering the gardens the visitor is greeted with the sight of the large natural carp pond.

The beautiful carp pond sits perfectly naturally within its landscape, and includes water plants such as water lilies. The natural pond is edged with marginals and moisture loving plants such as the imposing Gunnera manicata visible on the far side of the pond.

The spires of purple hooded white flowers of these Bear’s breeches (Acanthus spinosus) add a strong vertical presence to the front of this herbaceous border.

Hot yellows and reds and the broad leaved and architectural foliage of the surrounding plants give this border a striking quality.

The Enfield Cross sits within an enclosed garden room of formal clipped box hedging (Buxus sempervirens) interspersed with softer pink flowers.

An impressive mix of grasses combine to create a border full of vibrancy and energy that will also offer year round interest.

Exotic succulents greet the visitor to the main house. Specimens include the Aeonium arboreum ‘Schwarzkopf’ with its rosettes of glossy deep purple flowers.

Useful links:

The EA Bowles Society


Photography: copyright Garden Design Eye


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