Framed views and focal points

Visual interest in gardens can be accenuated by cleverly framing views and the judicious placement of focal points. A garden where this is expertly executed is Sissinghurst.

A classical statue sits within a perfectly proportioned alcove of clipped evergreen hedges.

Wisteria shrubs visible beyond a clipped yew hedge entice the visitor to explore that part of the garden.

The arching branches and foliage of the nuttery walk form a natural corridor that tempts the visitor to walk through.

An avenue of symmetrically planted limes is a simple but beautiful feature.

A classical statue provides a focal point at one end of the Lime walk and is framed by matching large terracota urns. The scene is perfectly balanced and beautifully proportioned.

A glimpse of the main tower of the castle rising above the high clipped yew hedges encourages the visitor on through the garden.

Classical statues are positioned in such a way as to maximise their effect as focal points.

A feature as simple as a gap in a wall is used as a window into another part of the garden and has the feel of a natural picture frame.

Every garden feature can serve a purpose as a focal point. Here the appeal of a simple wooden bench is accenuated by a pair of classical urns set on either side.

An archway within a wall serves a double purpose by framing another part of the garden.

Birches, low box hedges, clipped yew pillars and a classical statue unite to provide a perfectly balanced and proportioned composition.

A clipped box cube set within a square of clipped box hedges is used here as a natural focal point. Simple yet effective.

The beautiful large urn (above) and classical scultpure (below) demonstrate how a piece of art or sculpture can be used to great effect as a focal point.

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Photography: copyright Garden Design Eye


Inspiration for a stylish outdoor office

With a growing trend for people to work from home,  a bespoke outdoor office or garden room is an inspired and contemporary option for the professional home worker. There are plenty of options now and many suppliers offer a complete all in one solution at affordable prices. So forget the box bedroom or shed, here are some stylish alternatives.


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